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Sharon Fader O'Keefe has National Certification in Library/Media--Childhood through Young Adulthood--the only nationally certified librarian in South Dakota.

Email:  Shari.Okeefe@k12.sd.us

Shari Fader O'Keefe is a storyteller.  Students can look forward to Halloween when she finds a Ghastly tale to scare them with.


Sharon Fader O'Keefe and the Black Hills Storytellers as they perform with the French Creek Folk Band in a Celtic performance. 















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Too Many Books?

No problem! Just use Destiny. That is our online catalog..

Do you like sports? Type in sports on this computerized catalog and you will get a list of all the books in our library on Sports.

Maybe you like mysteries by Sherlock Holmes. Type in the authorís last name. You will get a list of all the books of his that our library has.

Perhaps there is a title you want to read. Type in the first couple of words. You will find out if our library has that book.

This computerized catalog tells you a lot about the books. It gives you the Call Number, the Copyright Date, the Availability Status, and other valuable information.

Coming Next Year!

ELECTRONIC BOOKS--In the fall of 2012, SHS students will have their own log-in for checking electronic books out.  These books will be able to be read online--or downloaded to an i-Pad or any device with an Android 3+ operating system.  We will have many titles to choose from, including fiction and non-fiction.